The Haunted Box

It was the eve of Halloween, and Herbert Clyde was going to visit the grave of his wife as he did every other night of the year. Tonight was a particularly special night, however, because it marked the one year anniversary of her murder. To honor the occasion, Herbert brought a box of her dearest belongings. On his way down the long dirt pathway to her tomb, Herbert began to feel as if he was being watched. Nevertheless, he continued walking, desperately trying to convince himself that he was only nervous because it was Halloween. Little did he know that his suspicions were true…
Suddenly, a huge cloud of white mist envelops Herbert and he is unable to see anything in front of him. His heart races as he squints to see a glowing green figure coming towards him. As it comes closer, he realizes that the ghost of his wife’s murderer is now running at him aggressively. In his panic, Herbert drops the box and looks to see where it rolls without stopping, running for his life, trying to navigate his way through the fog.
When he wakes the next morning, Herbert finds himself lying on the floor of a padded white room in an insane asylum. After escaping the ghost, Herbert went mad and local townspeople were afraid for their children. They reported him to the police and he was checked into the local mental institution.
Not even a day later, Herbert is found dead in his room surrounded by a pool of blood. He had used his eating utensils to impale himself and write delirious messages on the white walls before he bled to death.
The police assume that the messages disclose the possible location of the box of belongings, and now you must find out the truth!