Student Feedback

Here are Team Spooky's comments for the geocaching project: -Super fun! -Make sure teachers look over equations etc. and that gravestones are clearly marked (writing is not faded) -No boxes higher than 10 feet in a tree :) - Definitely do it for other math classes in the future!

Overall my group had a fun day doing the treasure hunt. I loved doing things in teams and found that three was the perfect group size. I was really glad that on the treasure hunt day that it was dress-down day because it would have been a bit of a struggle doing in the exercise in work-pants and not in sneakers. One thing that my group had trouble with was the GPS as we found that we couldn't get it to be exact. Also the math equations were difficult because the group was too cryptic, proposing solutions such as "mjs death" which we later found out meant michael Jackson.Otherwise, it was a fun experience and I definitely think you should do it again (but perhaps no one will be tree climbing next time)