The Geomathing Project @ The Hotchkiss School

The Hotchkiss School

Final Projects Ms. Venditta's MA350 Class Mr. Maier's MA250 Class


  1. What is Geocaching
  2. Where is the Sharon Burial Ground?
  3. Why are we doing this?

The Game Plan

  1. Split into three teams;
  2. Read over the Sharon Burial Ground website for persons of interest;
  3. Select three people to "showcase;"
  4. Travel to the SBG with your teacher and BRG;
  5. Find the graves of the three people selected and use at LEAST two GPS references for each location;
  6. Create an average of the coordinates from your two (or more) GPS readings for EACH SPOT;
  7. Find a final place to hide your treasure box (it must be in a wall, under a rock, or in a tree on the edge of the graveyard);
  8. Create an average of at least THREE readings for the final location. Hide the box (you may not bury it);
  9. Create a math puzzle that uses each of the three graves and leads the person to the final treasure location. You may be creative here and use dates on the headstone or create a puzzle with the GPS coordinates; and
  10. The team captain should complete this wiki worksheet with GPS locations, the FINAL location, AND the puzzle for publication. You may be clever in the wording, but the math should be impeccable.

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